Virtual Vehicle Research Center

The Virtual Vehicle Research Center (ViF) was founded in 2002. Since 2008 ViF has been a holding company of the Austrian COMET K2 research program K2-Mobility – Sustainable Vehicle Technologies – an international institution building the bridge between fundamental research and application-oriented vehicle development. This program offers an attractive cooperation and research platform in the vehicle industry. There are more than 200 employees at ViF, almost 90 % of them involved in research projects dealing with automotive and rail applications.

In the DiePeR project, Virtual Vehicle Research Center has been assigned the work package leader of WP7: Assessment and independent testing. Therefore, ViF is responsible for the evaluation of the output of the DiePeR project. This includes the definition of the baseline vehicles and the measurement procedure,  the  organization  of  the  measurements  of  the  baseline  vehicles  as  well  as  of  the demonstration cars built in DiePeR.  A life cycle analysis will also be performed in WP7.

Inter alia, the area “Thermo- & Fluiddynamics” of the Virtual Vehicle Research Center is specialized in setting up test vehicles, construction of specialized test beds and the set-up of sophisticated measurement methods. It consists of a vast knowledge in vehicle emission measurement and emission legislations.

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