FPT Motorenforschung

FPT Motorenforschung AG (FMF) is one of the 7 internal combustion engine research and development centres of FPT Industrial, the brand of CNH Industrial group dedicated to the design, production and sale of powertrains. FPT Motorenforschung AG is involved in the most important and pioneering projects of CNH Industrial’s powertrain segment, with a focus on further improving already existing and developing fundamentally new technologies. FPT Industrial employs some 8,400 people worldwide at 10 plants and 7 R&D centres. The existence of a distribution network of 93 dealers and over 900 service centres ensures FPT Industrial’s presence in around 100 countries. FPT Industrial offers a wide range of propulsion and transmission systems for on- and off-road trucks and commercial vehicles, as well as engines for marine application and power generation. All in all, 6 engine families with a power from 42 to 825 HP and transmissions with maximum torque of 200 up to 500 Nm are available, depending on the customers’ individual requests. This large field of expertise and an important focus on research & development activities make it one of the well-known brands on a worldwide basis in the industrial powertrains sector.

FPT Motorenforschung AG, in Switzerland, is looking back at a long tradition of engine research and production of drive systems. Since its first and foremost activities in the industrial automotive sector in 1903 (at that time under the name “Adolph Saurer AG”), the company has always ensured an internal know-how transfer in order to nourish and cherish its expertise. Nowadays, FPT Motorenforschung takes a leading role among the R&D centres of FPT Industrial when it comes to boosting innovation and development of new technologies on combustion engines for on- and off-road applications. This is how the company is able to stay connected with the market and to equally anticipate technological requirements for the future.

FPT Industrial’s vision is to always be ahead of its competitors on the way to high performance, low fuel consumption and low emission levels of the powertrains in use at the same time as providing its customers with any knowledge and technical support they may require.

 In the “DiePeR” project, FPT Motorenforschung (FMF) will mainly contribute to WP5 (led by Ricardo). In this context, it will be involved in design, layout and testing of mechanical, combustion, air end exhaust aftertreatment systems and controls. Furthermore, FMF will prepare and calibrate engines and systems and install them in a demonstrator vehicle (supplied by Iveco). This vehicle will be calibrated and tested on the FMF roller test bench. The vehicle will also be equipped with a Rapid Prototype Control system and will be suitable to be tested in RDE conditions by an independent institute.

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