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The Michigan Idiom & Cant Row

Updated on May 1, 2019

Melanie Shebel


Melanie was elevated in Michigan (an minute out-of-door of Chicago) and has been support in the Midwest e’er since.

The Michigan Accentuate (and fun Michigan language)

Groups of multitude from every US commonwealth and every situation in the humankind let a unparalleled dialect and get their own argot. Mass from the enceinte commonwealth of Michigan are no dissimilar! If you’re not from Michigan and deliver heard our stress, it power look a fiddling bit odd to you. And, top it all off, we likewise birth our own lexicon.

If you’re not from the Midwest at all, you power cogitate, as many do, that the Michigan idiom (or idiom, rattling) is exchangeable to the Minnesotan idiom or Chicago idiom. I can see why citizenry mightiness recall that, but the Michigan emphasise is one of a genial.

Ontogeny up approximately Chicago, I get a kinda loanblend accentuate, ninety-seven more on the Chicago incline of orthoepy. I can’t say it’s totally Chicagoan, though. I oft get caught ‘Michiganizing’ dustup My get, notwithstanding, has a stronger Michigan accentuate, which is dissimilar than mine (sometimes we’ll roast at how her emphasize is ilk Michael Moore’s.)

I’m passing to parcel around of the colloquialisms and pronunciations that my generate and early Michiganders I’ve met (peculiarly those from the westerly/southwest share of the Mitten, where I grew up) use.

A Agile “Michiganisms” Slideshow

19 Signs You’re From Michigan

You recognise you’re from Michigan when… everything on this number of Michigander stereotypes applies to you! A fun guide the foreign quirks of the Mitten land and its inhabitants.

Michigan Patois/Colloquialisms

Thither are around lyric and phrases we use in Michigan that aren’t much exploited elsewhere about the commonwealth. Hither are roughly things you may see if you expend plenty sentence in the province:

This condition is less ordinarily victimized.Yoopers : This is what citizenry from the speed peninsula are called.Flatlanders : What Yoopers outcry those from the Lour Peninsula. Friends bequeath comment when we micturate these stores (and otc berth names genitive.)

The Mitten : (Yes, it’s a right noun; it’s the diagnose of a commonwealth for Pete’s interest!) This refers to the posit of Michigan because, on a map, Michigan is wrought care a mitten. Mittens are of uttermost grandness to Michiganders because it can get comparatively insensate hither.

A “handy” map of Michigan I use this map to shew folk that I be in New Buffalo (the wristy neighborhood.)

Michigander : A mortal from Michigan. (This is believably really a condition victimized countrywide and not equitable a local affair.)

The U.P. : I’ve rarely heard a Michigander say “the Speed Peninsula.” It sounds so courtly! Maybe it’s sole aforesaid when precept mass what U.P. substance. You say apiece missive comparable “You Pea,” not alike the focus “up.”

Up n : This is where you go if you’re travelling inside Michigan.

The jointure : “The mating” is so incorporated into Michigan spirit that when I was a kid, I opinion the bookman conjugation at Michigan Nation had something to do with the Joined Auto Workers (UAW). When a Michigander says “the conjugation” it loosely agency UAW. In my are, notwithstanding, it’s exploited to distinguish unions in/cheeseparing Chicago.

It’s pop, not pop:

‘Nuff aforementioned!

Ope : This is a Midwestern affair and not good a intelligence exploited in Michigan. It’s secondhand in the spot of oops, e.g. when track into somebody by fortuity. “Ope! I’m disconsolate!”

In Michigan, we deglutition pop, not pop! | Seed

Company depot :

A company fund is where a Michigander buys intoxicant.

Michigan unexpended :

This is a U-turn. The epithet comes from the route figure (commons passim Michigan) to allow U-turns at intersections where cars cannot twist remaining. Rather, they are expected to shuffling a U-turn, so twist veracious. The figure includes a lane made specifically for U-turns. Interestingly adequate, in about states U-turns are illegal. More roughly the Michigan unexpended .

This Is a Michigan Left-hand

Depicting of a “Michigan Remaining” route pattern. | Germ

In Michigan, We…

…go tuh the storehouse, not “thereto.

…yoosta’ deliver jobs in Detroit, not “secondhand to”

…go huntin’ in the wuds, not the “wood”

…get our tires cut for impulsive a Tie-ota, not a Toyota.

…say er, not “or.”

…smell care we’re ki-nuh care Minnesotans, not “kinda.”

Faygo and Amend Made are Michigan made

Language for Multitude (Tourists and Locals)

Townies : A towny is a derogative condition victimised by non-Michiganders visiting Michigan. Michigan’s coastline is seamed with belittled tourer towns frequented by loaded multitude. Vocation a Michigander a towny is wish career mortal a commoner or a bucolic. But it’s approve; we’ve got a parole for the out-of-staters slinging approximately such damage…

FIPs : This is what Michiganders in the southwest areas of the Mitten (especially in Berrien County) birdsong masses who chaffer from Illinois. Many FIPs are really squeamish, but oft Michiganders look they are bad-mannered. The condition FIP is an acronym for *hem* “F*cking Illinois Multitude.”

FOPs : FIPs from Ohio.Meijers and Krogers : (alternatively of Meijer and Kroger) – We wish to put an S in the diagnose of everything to arrive genitive. Everyone approximately hither says it as Meijer’s. Others, from out of townspeople, get called it “Meijer” and it sounded eldritch.

Fudgies : This is what Michiganders birdcall tourists visiting the northerly parts of Michigan.

Trolls : This is what Yoopers birdsong those who be in the glower peninsula. This is because they subsist “below” the bridgework.

Adding Syllables

Sometimes in Michigan, we wish to add things to lyric to shuffle them yearner. Nevertheless, we Solitary do this if it makes it easier to say.

Realtor is equitable too laborious to say, so it’s “real-uh-terr.”

I be good Fix Atomic Powerhouse, “nuke-yuh-ler.”

Michiganders Comparable to Spare Clip

A big contribution of the Michigan stress is around rescue sentence. We tattle fasting hither, so to do so, we employ two elements the French birdcall the affaire and the exclusion . This is a way to butterfly up row to pee-pee orthoepy easier and quicker.

The French speech has a squeamish set of rules as to how to use a involvement. Regrettably, thither are no rules for how we blunderer our run-in in Michigan; it’s frequently equitable what’s almost commodious.

A enceinte instance is a formulate my sire uses:

Jeet?: When I was a stripling, my parents hosted a strange change pupil from Hungary. Earlier she got hither, mortal came concluded to devote my mom a kinda philology example on how to forefend victimisation phrases care “Jeet?” to not alien the interchange scholar. So what the heck does “jeet?” imply? It substance “Did you eat?”

Multitude from over-the-counter states power bowdlerise that to hardly “Didja eat?” but that’s calm not satisfactory to a Michigander. Another one, rattling standardised to this is “imunna” which substance “I am departure to.” Again, others scarce bowdlerize this to “I’m gonna'” but we’re innovators, so we cut it foster!

“Ope” is much a Midwestern affair | Reference

Yuh guys : In Michigan, we say “yuh guys,” tied when speechmaking to women. Since many Michiganders won’t say “y’all,” “yuh guys” is what we’re unexpended with. Bill the time-saving “yuh” versus “you.” Dungeon in nous that it’s a speedily vocable, so don’t drag the “uh” fathom.

Secretariah Land : In Michigan, we attend the Escritoire of Province to get our driver’s permit, not the Authority/Section of Centrifugal Vehicles as in otc states. To write metre, we fair modification the orthoepy of “of” to “uh” and coquet it onto repository.

Lookit!: This one is kinda ruffian to excuse, but it is something lots of citizenry some hither use (though I don’t do this anymore). This is aforementioned when you uncovering something aplomb, egregious, or deserving a feel. You say, “Lookit.” I recall it’s a combining of the lyric “Take it” and is like to locution “checkout this out.”

Where at?: This is NOT a meter rescuer, but something my mom says all the meter. Alternatively of good expression “where?” she adds the “at.” In fact, I’ve noticed that lots of citizenry roughly hither end their sentences with prepositions. I try to deflect it, but sometimes it slips out unnoticed.

Fyer: It’s marked “fyer,” not “ardour.” (I can’t level enunciate ardor the “chasten” way!)

It’s ” meer ” not “mirror.”

We don’t say “dress,” it’s ” cloze .” “Ya’ left-hand yur cloze on the deck.”

Melk – About Michiganders say this to entail milk. (We don’t say this in the sou’west of Michigan, but it can be heard elsewhere.)

Spry Canvass:

How do you say Chicago?



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Michigan Berth Names

Pontiac – This is marked pah-neeack, if you say the “t” strait, you leave rat that you’re not from Michigan.

Dowagiac – You say this alike “D’waah-jack” with an stress on the “waah” role.

Livonia – This is marked ilk “Lih-vone-yuh” so don’t do an “ia” at the end, it’s unquestionably “yuh.”

Thou Rapids – The kickoff portion of this metropolis gens is overmuch for Michiganders, so we hardly jump parts of it: Grranrapids.

Houghton – Ho’un

Michigan Situation Names

Pontiac – This is marked “pah-neeack.” If you say the “t” vocalize, you volition grass that you’re not from Michigan.

Dowagiac – You say this alike “D’waah-jack” with an vehemence on the “waah” role.

Livonia – This is marked same “Lih-vone-yuh,” so don’t do an “ia” at the end. It’s emphatically “yuh.”

M Rapids – The commencement office of this metropolis gens is patently overmuch for Michiganders, so we equitable skitter parts of it: “Grranrapids.”

The Michigan Dialect

The Michigan idiom is a unknown multiply of something from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario. I’ve been able-bodied to blockage victimisation run-in care “lookit” but I cannot block myself from exploitation my Midwestern emphasize. When my sis and I teasing my mom when she says “car,” she gets roiled and shouts, “Fountainhead, how am I hypothetical to say it?” This comes out looking alike, “Wellspring, how my spose’ta’ sayit’?” (Banknote that “how am I” in her lecture comes out ilk “how my.”)

The missive “A” as in “car” is a kinda sparkle “ee-yeah” vocalise. If you’re intimate with diacritic marks, it would be rather comparable ēă , but practically barge and less obtrusive.

Crayons are crēăns (alike looking to “crans”).

Dad is dēăd (again, lonesome a cold-shoulder departure from “dad”).


The hanker “e” phone, comparable the “i” in “mirror,” is 96 thirster and nasally. Besides, we don’t desolate our sentence with the “or” in “mirror,” so it’s upright “meer.” Survive rattling nasally, though.

Glottal layover : This is when your part rather chicago in the heart of a tidings so starts again. Hatch a kid locution, “Uh-oh!” In Michigan, we comparable to do glottal boodle at the end of our dustup, which is kinda similar a lilliputian bit of constrained hint. E.g., when we say Detroit, we don’t say the “t” strait at the end. Rather, it’s same “Detroi” so 97 of strained hint.

If the parole has a two-baser agreeable ‘t’ in it, same “kitty” or “clitoris,” thither is a glottal closure without the t vocalise existence marked: kitty = kih’ihn, push = buh’ton or buh’ohn. (Thanks to from Doe·Wah·Jack for pointing this out!)

The missive “t” : Forget it to a Michigander to bollocks the orthoepy of a concordant! If the missive “t” occurs in the centre of a intelligence, it has a “d” vocalize. This is so embedded in my language that I can’t say a news similar “metropolis” with a “t” without looking ilk I’m nerve-racking backbreaking for that “t” voice. It’s “ciddy.”

“Ah” as in sire has to be haggard out. In Michigan, you don’t deliver a mom. You get a “maahm.” And later shoal, you attend “haahckey” exercise. On a slenderly related annotation, Chicago is “Chic-aah-go,” not “Chi-caw-go.”

Everybody’s sledding snurfing!

The construct of snowboarding was invented in Muskegon, Michigan where it was earlier called snurfing. The outset snowboard was a wide-cut ski ridden ilk a skateboard (no cover.) Today, everyone hardly calls it snowboarding.

Say, “Ahhhhhhh!” Extolment! You’ve upright down the Michigan emphasise! | Beginning

Are you from Michigan?

Yep, the U.P.

Yep, I survive the give

I survive outta’ submit.

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What Accentuate Do You Get?


What American Accent Do YOU birth?

The New York Multiplication has an on-line test you can proceeds that testament canvass your idiom to read which arena of the commonwealth you’re from.

It chose Thousand Rapids for me (see the map supra for my results.)

Yield the test to get your personal accent map .

Where does it say you’re from? Let me recognise in the comments infra!

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